One of my favorite things to do each month is read other bloggers monthly income reports. It is fun to see that diverse ways that people make money online. Since I decided to join the Yakezie Challenge on February 12th, I thought it would be cool to start documenting a bit more about my virtual properties. Additionally, this may serve as a way to motivate me to bigger and better things going forward.

As I did not set any goals for February, these result will merely represent the stats as they are; regardless of how pathetic they may seem now.

Monthly Blog Stats (FKO only)

  • Alexa Ranking 1,595,231 (down from 15,395,344)
  • Visits 232
  • Unique Visitors 125
  • Pageviews 432
  • Twitter followers 129
  • Traffic Breakdown 5.6% search engine traffic, 46.98% referral traffic, 47.41% direct traffic

Monthly Income Report

  • Advertising (on my various sites) $60.00
  • CPC Ads (adsense, chitika, etc) $21.18
  • Affiliate Sales (amazon, cj, etc) $7.38
    • TOTAL $88.56

March 2012 Goals

  • Alexa Ranking below 1,000,000
  • Visits 500
  • Unique Visitors 250
  • Pageviews 500
  • Twitter followers 175
  • Online Income $200

What I Learned Last Month

Perhaps the most important thing I learned in February is that when you start a new blog, you are basically writing for yourself. Sure, a few people will stumble upon your writings, but for the most part, you are on your own. This is why I blog about personal finance. I am passionate about the subject which makes the echo not seem quite as bad.

In March, the plan is to dig a bit deeper and write about my life; who am I, why you should care, etc. Perhaps I may even learn a little about myself in the process.