I do not know about you but each year I find myself wondering what do I give coworkers for Christmas. It is, after all, difficult to draw the line between giving a gift that is too much versus one that says that you have given absolutely no thought to the gift whatsoever. Fortunately, I have come up with a few simple Christmas gift ideas for coworkers.

When it comes to buying the perfect gift for people that you work with there are three basic options. You can give the cool gift, the homemade gift, or the gag gift. How you decide which one is appropriate really depends upon the type of relationship you have with your fellow workers. Here are a few of my personal favorite gift ideas.

Cool Gifts Gift Cards

While it is certainly true that you may not want to give a gift card to a family member at Christmas, they are certainly appropriate as an office gift; particularly if you are participating in some form of Secret Santa exchange. Many people, however, often buy gift cards that are specific to their tastes and preferences without any regard for the intended individual.

Instead, think about buying a generic Christmas gift card that can be used to buy just about anything. One popular idea is an Amazon gift card.

Homemade Gifts

Many people love to cook. Even better, many people are really good at it. If this describes you then a homemade gift may the perfect Christmas gift idea for coworkers. Last year, I receive a batch of homemade cookies along that were absolutely fantastic. What made this gift even more special was the fact that my secret Santa also gave me the receipt, and the ingredients, to make more for myself. Not only was this a creative idea, it was also extremely thoughtful.

This is one idea that I will certainly be stealing this Christmas.

Gag Gift

If you have a loose, carefree relationship with your coworkers a gag gift is right up your alley. When it comes to gag gifts think ugly sweaters, customized coffee mugs, or even funny mouse pads. The only real rule is to keep it clean. While it is true that you may enjoy a good working relationship with your fellow employees, you would not want to ruin it by giving a tasteless or completely inappropriate gift.

What Do I Give Coworkers for Christmas

Still haven’t come up with a good idea? Why not donate a small amount of money to a local charity or non-profit organization? If you know a little about the types of causes your coworkers support even better. Most charitable organizations will be more than happy to provide you with a certificate or receipt that you can give to show that a donation has been made of their behalf.

When it comes to buying Christmas gifts for coworkers the sky really is the limit. As long as you take into consideration the type of people they are, the kind of relationships you have, and the interests they enjoy, you will be fine.